The Bubble

The Bubble was shown together with two other short films, Kush Badhwar´s formyfuneral.ppt and Tuuli Teealhti´s To Ashes as a short film loop that ran all through the day at the Festival Ars Moriendi in the main cathedral´s Krypta in Helsinki on November the 16th 2019. The Festival Ars Moriendi has got death as a theme and wants to bring something that is part of all of our lives out in to the city scape via various forms of art, scientific discussions and by creating safe spaces to explore thoughts around death in various groups and events.

Ars Moriendi´s webpage here

During two months Janna Thorström was a support person together with three other women for a woman that died in June 2019. Each night at 8pm someone, or sometimes all four of the group, were present and offered support in the form of a massage, lent an ear and sometimes just a bare presence. These moments started a process in which certain concepts no longer wore the same face.

It is often spoken about an existential anxiety that steps in right before death. About how life flickers past as the end draws nearer – how it is time to make peace with the choices one has made. It is spoken about how many things fall away to show the bare structures and how a particular and different kind of calm steps in right before death.

The Bubble is a free interpretation of this process.

Directing and Cinematography Janna Thorström, Editing Klaus Grabber, Musik and Sound Scape Emma Fogelholm, Produktion Pink Orbit Production 2019.