Emma Fogelholm has a past as director and script writer at YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, as well as for Tellus Works productions of the lifestyle program This Perfect Day – airing on PBS. After a short break writing and illustrating a children’s book (fulfilling a childhood dream) she partnered with Janna and returned to audiovisual media, now as co-producer and co-director in Pink Orbit Production.

Emma has an MA in Literature and Nordic languages from the University of Helsinki and a passion for music. She spent 10 yrs performing in the a cappella ensemble Spunk, and is also a singer-songwriter.


When I was 22 I wrote a story, which 15 years later made its way into book form as Vilmas vilda hår (Wilma’s wild hair). It’s a bit of a magical tale about feeling different. But I never liked the ending, didn’t really know how the story should end. When I picked up the manuscript after those fifteen years of living the ending basically wrote itself. By then I’d realised that those things that make us different aren’t waiting to be overcome. They’re waiting for acceptance.

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In Berlin, in the year 2007, I started writing songs. I’d borrowed a guitar from a local friend and sat down with it. The world was wide open. A few years and a baby later we recorded a couple of them with Rabbe Thomasson (arr.). Documentation of a time gone by.

You chose blue

Almost any heart