Tika part 3

Finland has seen Idols winners and Voice of Finland winners crowned only to disappear quietly into some void never to be heard of again. Tika Sevón Liljegren, who won the song competition XFactor in Finland this year, has an amazing voice and great stage presence. In other words she’s got the prerequisites for creating a career in music – but what will happen after this XFactor victory? She has been promised a recording deal with Sony; how extensive will it be and will it open doors for her? Everyone knows the music industry is tough, but now we have a chance to peep behind the scenes and see what’s going on in Tika’s life during the year following her TV-breakthrough.

The first two parts of the four part series were published on the Finnish broadcasting company’s site Yle Arenan on November the 15th 2018. The third part was published early in 2019 and the last part of the series will arrive in the summer of 2019.

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