First filming of the Tika series, June 2018

This spring Tika Sevón Liljegren won the song competition XFactor Finland.

Tika has an amazing voice and a great stage presence, i.e. the prerequisites for creating a career in music are there – yet Finland has seen Idols and Voice of Finland winners crowned only to disappear rapidly from the limelight. What happens behind the scenes after an XFactor victory? Everyone knows the music industry is tough, but now we have a chance to peep behind the scenes and see what’s going on in Tika’s life during the year following her TV-breakthrough.

What’s it like to work the cashier at the local S-market after all the attention? What chances is she getting from Sony? What’s it like to record in a proper studio? Are there many compromises or does she get to sing what she wants and how she wants to? What is Tika dreaming of?

See teaser here

Four part TV series about the 2018 xFactor winner in Finland Tika Sevón Liljegren. In Production. Will air on the Finnish Broadcasting Company during 2018 and 2019.

Watch Tika on XFactor here