Snickers and Interviews, June 2017

One fine, warm day in June we sit down on Janna´s bed with lap tops on our laps. The curtains are drawn and only a meager slit of sun may enter. Here starts the viewing odyssey; we have hours on end of great footage for our documentary series about the male role. It’s great. But it’s been a long cold spring and summer is finally here. Or out there, rather. We comfort ourselves by eating lots of home made chocolates while we watch.

Top shot: Janna Thorström interviewing Peje Lönnfors, with cinematographer Ville Tanttu.

These chocolate treats are hard to resist. They have been served on Christmas eves, at easter parties and girls´nights and they have featured during the TV-premieres of some our films. The recipe was birthed when Janna forgot to add a few things into a batter and then tried to save it all with some melted chocolate. (Recipe on the Swedish version of the page for those with culinary inclination!)