The Psychic Biologist

Isabella Södling Augustson is a biologist but also an energy healer; how does she combine science with spiritualism in a matrimony of two seemingly incompatible world views? Isabella visits her childhood home together with her two children, discussing – among other things – their experiences of ghosts. How are spirit worlds compatible with the stringency of modern science?

At Stanford University researchers claim that up to 95% of all diseases are linked to emotional factors. Through her work as a healer Isabella Augustson aims to help free a patient from the emotional and spiritual dimensions that have made him or her ill. In the film she works with craniosacral therapy and bonitology, treating her patients in Ekenäs, Finland.

Directed by: Emma Fogelholm and Janna Thorström. Cinematographer: Ville Tanttu. Editing: Ville Tanttu. Musik: Ville Tanttu. Produced by: Anna Blom, Emma Fogelholm and Janna Thorström. Ja!Media production 2014. Cinematographer: Ville Tanttu.

Tammisaari Film Festival (Finland) 18.1.2014.
On YleFem 25.4. 2014, 26.4.2015.
On YleFem 30.1.2015, 31.1.2015.

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Said about the movie:

“Isabella Södling Augustson’s view of life is quite different from the norm. When her kids shared stories of shady beings entering their room she couldn’t comfort them by saying ghosts don’t exist. Since she sees them herself. She instead told the spirits she would help them but only if they stop disturbing the children – after which the kids had their beds to themselves.
The documentary, made by Emma Fogelholm and Janna Thorström, is a fine reminder of how differently we humans can see things and how fragile the concept of what is in the realm of the possible is.” Synnöve Rabb, Hbl