Dance Out Of Line, October 2020

In the Erasmus+ project Dance Out Of Line a professional dancer and a person with a disability make a joint dance together. This dance is performed in Finnish schools for children of the ages 9-12. We, the dancers, Vea Vainio and Janna Thorström also run workshops for the kids and speak to them about equality and that all bodies are equally ok, no matter what one has gotten. The film has been used for the online sessions with the children that due to the Corona has replaced some of the in school sessions. The project is in Finland run by Dance Ability Finland ry.

Watch video here

Directed and Produced by Janna Thorström. Dancers Vea Vainio and Janna Thorström. Cinematography and editing by Ville Tanttu. Music Rinneradio; Helmi and Jeff Oster; On Mother’s Day. Produced for Dance Ability Finland ry. 2020