Insta heaven or hell?, September 2018

Finland has seen Idols winners and Voice of Finland winners crowned only to disappear quietly into some void never to be heard of again. Tika Sevón Liljegren, who won the song competition XFactor in Finland this year, has an amazing voice and great stage presence. In other words she’s got the prerequisites for creating a career in music – but what will happen after this XFactor victory? She has been promised a recording deal with Sony; how extensive will it be and will it open doors for her? Everyone knows the music industry is tough, but now we have a chance to peep behind the scenes and see what’s going on in Tika’s life during the year following her TV-breakthrough.

Watch the first two episodes here

The Finnish Broadcasting Company will not send our four part TV-series about Tika on TV. This is due to the fact that young people no longer watch TV. Instead our programs will be loaded directly onto the web (Yle Areena, the www-home of Finnish Broadcasting Company content). All the marketing will be on social media. A new world is taking form before our eyes.

Watch music video here

Watch Tika on XFactor here

This has us wondering whether it’s possible to make it as an artist these days, if one doesn’t want to be on social media? The actor Bradley Cooper has purportedly opted out from all social media  and was asked a while ago in an interview what he does with all his spare time… It’s not easy to step out of the system and dare to say No, this is not for me. The pressure is on to create a good virtual profile for oneself and “everybody says” it’s what you need to do to make it.

Here some cool intro and outro pics for the instagram teasers made by our fantastic graphic designer Rikard Lassenius.

So where do we ourselves stand on the social media scene? Not very active is perhaps the understatement of the year – we’ve had an instagram account since we started our company and so far there may be 9 pics on it 🙂 Tika is almost as old school as we are and the social media sphere she is being forced into as the marketing for our series takes form feels a bit strange to her. She records her first insta-talks and we can tell it’s not an easy genre….

At the end of August during the last really warm days we do some raw editing in Helsinki. Last Minute Lassies as we are, once again it’s a push to meet the deadline. We promise each other that next time, NEXT TIME, we will start earlier. In mid-editing we take a break; Janna does some qigong in the kitchen while Emma runs around in the yard and comes in with some berries in a bowl.

Emma, our editor Klaus Grabber and Janna in the midst of Online editing in Ekenäs.